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WHMS Adeptus Custodes contrast paints Custom Completed Army Commission team Warhammer 40k kill 40000

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WHMS War Hammer Man Studios Adeptus Custodes Completed Army Commission

Welcome back, today we are showing off the Completed Army Commission using games workshops contrast paints, and metallics mostly. The white armour creates an awesome look. We have chosen blue for the accent color of these custodes, but any other color can easily be substituted to match your own army. the most important part of this process, is to find the balance between speed and quality. Make sure that you dont waste extra time making sure things are perfect, that will get covered up in the next step anyways! this will help you to work fast, and efficiently! if you missed the previous videos, make sure you go back and take a look : How to magnetize the arms and flight stands, as well as how to make the bases.

Paints used:
white Primer Spray
white Base
Apothecary white contrast
Retributor Armour details
Leadbelcher accents (eagles, pipes)
Talassar blue accents (cloth, shoulder pads)
guilliman flesh accents (leather gloves, boots)
Drakenhof nightshad shade (blue)
Drakenhof nightshade (leadbelcher)
blue highlights (Temple guard blue)
tesseract green ( highlight with light blue/yellow)
temple guard blue eyes & talassar blue cape (highlight with slight yellow as above)
tesseract green weapon glow ( wet blend with yellow/white)


Adeptus Custodes Vertus Praetors
Large Magnets Used on bases & Bikes
Rare Earth Neodymium Disc Magnets 6 x (1/4 x 1/16 inch)

Medium Magnets Used on The Arms & Torsos
Rare Earth Neodymium Disc Magnets 3 x 2 mm (1/8 x 3/32 inch)
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