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What To Talk About With Your Speaking Partner @The Story We Write
изучение языков

What To Talk About With Your Speaking Partner @The Story We Write

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изучение языков

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Hey Everyone! ) I’m Anna and welcome to my channel. Here, I post some useful information for English learners. I’m from Ukraine and I’ve worked on my English and accent, for the most part, on my own, but you can find out and trace my story by watching my videos. I’ve been studying American pronunciation for a long time, and I still do, and I guess I always will – because it’s not math. Learning a language, it’s a lifetime journey. I know exactly what it takes to become fluent and acquire an accent in a non-English speaking country, and I’ve never even been to one. And I’m sharing this information here – on my channel.


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Best Methods and Strategies to learn English

Improve your SPEAKING / That's why native speakers don't understand you

How to ASSESS yourself when you're using the SHADOWING TECHNIQUE

0:00 Why one might wonder what to talk about with their speaking partner
0:58 Don't jump on calls unprepared
4:52 Role play
5:36 Reading dialogues
6:13 Picture description
6:31 play games
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