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Wendy's Journey #10 - Bearger (Day 79-89) (Don't Starve Together)

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Wendy and her dead twin Abigail will try to kill twelve bosses in this new playthrough called 'Wendy's Journey'!
The full raw footage without cuts is available here:
Mr Aqua's Fishing Guide:

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Special Thanks:
@SwankyPsammead for his general Wendy knowledge and for his precious quick replies to my questions, thank you very much man -
@SunsetSkye for the OST uploads -
@Ningishu for always being the lead inspiration in terms of edit -
@PeriTune for the amazing music -
@DragonWolfLeo for the crazy good music remix of his mod -
@You, my beloved subscribers - for always being here, commenting the video with lovely words. Many thanks to all of you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. "Wait, what?! Where's the Picky Eater part 4?!"
I communicate a lot through the community tab. Feel free to check the post to know why :

2. "Why no Troubled Waters?"
The run was played just after the Walter update, late june of 2020. That means no Troubled Waters update, which came out the 16 of july.

3. "It's quite hard for me to read while watching your Why don't you use your voice?"
I explained that a while ago but I can't use my voice for now. See, I am french. And I have the classic french horrible accent when I'm speaking english. But to be honest, that's not even the main reason. I always thought the texts were better than voice for playthroughs. If you have troubles reading all the text, I don't have any other solution than giving a second watch to the video. I know this is quite demanding for a +15min video but it would grantly help to catch what you missed in the first view.

4. "You named the server '140 days playthrough'. Does it end after the 140th day?"
No, the playthrough ends after the Fuelweaver kill, most likely during the second summer. I wanted to kill it last, after the 11 other bosses, because this is the ultimate boss in DST, right?

5. "If you're planning to complete Pearl quests then why won't you kill the Crab King?"
I truly hate sailing in DST. But I must make an effort to show a bit of sailing in this game. Actually I hate the sea stacks being everywhere in the ocean. This is only a matter of taste and I'm glad if you do like it. I still have the save of the world, if you guys really wanna see this boss kill, I could do it.

6. "There are so many any chance to see the full gameplay?
Sure you can! Every raw part will be uploaded and placed in an unlisted playlist here:
I will update the playlist, depending on the release of the edited parts.

7. "How many parts? And when?"
I posted the whole schedule in my community tab. Feel free to check the post to know it all :

8. "Why are you playing with two mods?"
'Geometric placement', made by rezecib, is a must have. Period. But 'Epic Healthbar', made by Tykvesh, is strictly for the viewers' convenience. I originally planned to make my own bars like in the bee queen rush video with Wendy but I finally chose to play with the mod instead. I'm lazy :P

9. "Why no weather pain and moon rock idol?"
I used that WP for the Toadstool and Fuelweaver fights in the Webber Stories. Even in the Antlion fight, if I recall correctly. I feel like this time, I have to share other strategies. Luckily for me, I can count on Abigail and the new RoT content to avoid using weather pains and still be able to kill those bosses. Regarding the moon rock idol, that would be silly to create a series entitled 'Wendy's Journey' and switch to Woodie later on to find the CK for example. No, I will stick to Wendy in this playthrough.

10. "Why are you playing without skins?"
I'm not a big fan of skins except a few ones but the main reason is for the viewers : I don't want any of them not being able to quickly recognize an item due to a skin. If you had a break from DST like me, you would probably be lost with the tremendous addition of new skins, lately. Only a few skins that I forgot to remove, such as the thermal stone or log suit, will be active.
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