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Translation help needed in multiple languages!

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изучение языков
I need help from native speakers of: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Chinese (simplified).

Edit: I changed the thumbnail because the first one was misleading.

The sentences I would like you to translate (Please post your translations in the comment section with the numbers included):

1: Please read 5 pairs of translated texts and answer some questions.
2: Select a language.
3: Please answer the following questions.
4: Is {x} your native language? (where x is the name of the language you speak ‘Is Russian your native language?’)
: Yes
: No
5: How many foreign languages do you speak at a conversational level?
: 3 or more
6: Please select your age group.
: Over 100
7: Please select the highest level of education you have completed.
: Primary school
: Secondary school (High school or equivalent)
: Vocational school/Technical school/Occupational school
: Associate degree
: Bachelor’s degree
: Master’s degree
: Doctorate
8: Questions for speakers of {x} (where x is the language you speak ‘Questions for speakers of Spanish’)
: Please read Passage (1) and Passage (2) and answer some questions.
: Passage (1):
: Passage (2):
9: How familiar are you with the topic of these passages?
: Not familiar at all
: Very familiar
10: Please rate how natural Passage (1) sounds to you.
: Very unnatural
: Very natural
12: If there are any strange translations or errors in Passage (1), please comment below.
13: Which passage do you think was translated by a human?
: Both
: Neither
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