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Tips for overcoming language learning burnout & anxiety ????
изучение языков

Tips for overcoming language learning burnout & anxiety ????

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изучение языков
Feeling exhausted by language learning? ... It's ok, so are we! I'm joined today with Angela from @PassionforDreaming! We talk about our experiences with language burnout - everything from establishing our values, finding resources and methods that work, overcoming anxiety, and what methods to use to get back on our feet.

Check out Angela's channel linked above, or say hi to her on Twitter!

00:00 Intro
01:45 Angela's language journey
03:22 Realisation of language burnout
05:04 Working through problems
06:00 How to analyze your language burnout
08:08 What do you do if you're burnt out by language learning?
10:04 Languages, psychology, therapy and values
14:33 Performance anxiety
16:19 Fostering self awareness
18:13 Finding what works for you
20:57 Being overwhelmed by resources
22:09 More tips for getting back into language learning
24:53 Closing


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Welcome to my channel! My name is Lindie and I share my love for languages through my polyglot progress and language learning tips here. South African by birth, I spent most of my life in France, Pakistan, the UAE and Japan. Now I work as a UI/UX designer in Singapore. I'm a Christian and strive to shine God’s light in all I do. May this channel inspire you to reach your language goals!

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