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This is my Spanish after 120 days (update)
изучение языков

This is my Spanish after 120 days (update)

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изучение языков
I speak in Spanish for a few minutes at the end of the video.
These last two months were insane.

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In this video I'm going to be showing you my 4 month (120 days) spanish progress. Initially I had planned to cap my active Spanish learning to do 4 months in the name of a challenge. However due to my bad health, I'm going to add another month. These last two months were the most fun I've ever had when language learning. I've fallen in love with Spanish and feel grateful for starting this challenge.

Make no mistake my output is still very rough. However that'll hopefully be fixed in the next month.


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Hello, I’m an Irish-Nigerian-American language learning Youtuber hailing from New York!
I currently speak seven languages. Six of which I taught myself from scratch. By 2023, I aim to learn another five. The languages I currently speak are English, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, French, Chinese and Spanish.

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