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The Krampus ASMR (Collaboration with Frisson Factory ASMR)
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The Krampus ASMR (Collaboration with Frisson Factory ASMR)

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изучение языков
It's a stormy evening. How about a special story, just for tonight?

Premiering December 5 (Krampusnacht 2020)!

I still can't believe my good fortune in having the opportunity to collaborate with the inimitable @Frisson Factory ASMR. Please, if you haven't subscribed to this incredible artist's channel yet, do so immediately. If you would like to help her purchase more amazing costumes, props and makeup like you see in this video, please visit her Paypal:

Thumbnail credit: Frisson Factory ASMR
Frisson also created a wonderful teaser trailer for this video, which you can view here:

What is ASMR?

Please note: This video is purely intended to relax you, and is meant for entertainment only. If you have a medical/mental health issue, please seek professional treatment.

--Some sound effects from
--"campfire or small bonfire" sound by jgrzinich of (#)
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