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The brief self-introduction for beginners in Russian

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изучение языков
How to introduce yourself in Russian, how to tell some biographical data in Russian?
In this video you can listen and read the brief information about me ( some basic facts), using words and phrases you can easily make your own story in Russian, answering essential questions:
- What is your name? Как вас/тебя зовут?
- How old are you? Сколько вам/тебе лет?
- Where do you live? Где ты живёшь?
- What is your profession? Какая у вас/тебя профессия?
- What are your hobbies? Какие у вас/тебя хобби?
- What is your favourite colour/movie? Какой у тебя любимый цвет/фильм?
- Do you have any siblings? and etc. Есть ли у вас/тебя родные братья, сёстры?
As usual Subs in Eng/Rus are here to help you!
Thank you for watching!
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