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Ten Facts You May Not Know About European Languages - EU explained

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Ten Facts You May Not Know About European Languages - EU explained

Si. Oui. Yes. Yes. Tak. Kyllä:

On September 26th, Europe celebrates the European Day of Languages.

This is to illustrate the overwhelming linguistic diversity of our continent.
I´ve got ten surprising facts about our languages ​​for you today.

Languages ​​are not just a means of communication, but an expression of ideas, values ​​and feelings - that is, of crucial elements in our coexistence.

The Council of Europe promotes multilingualism and intercultural understanding in order to protect linguistic diversity and our linguistic heritage.

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I spent some time in the UK and am a keen follower of what has happened in the house of commons recently. And besides my English friends from that time, I have German friends in the UK who will directly be effected by Brexit.

This way I can give you an outside view on Brexit. Whether it is about no-deal, the position of the EU, a new deal, May´s and Johnson´s withdrawal agreements, the general election, the blocked people´s vote (second referendum) or attempted independences, I will give you my view on latest news.

Due to the number of foreign viewers, I will continue with my english videos also for series regarding „German politics explained“ and „European Union explained“.


Source: German EU Council Presidency

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