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REVIEW: Timekettle Zero Pocket Language Translator for Smartphones?

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Timekettle Zero: Smart Mini Language Translator & Voice Recorder
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40 LANGUAGES + 93 ACCENTS: ZERO is an instant voice translator device that provides two-way translation. This electronic foreign language translator covers 85% of the world population. Partial List: Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

3-IN-1 VOICE RECORDING TRANSLATOR DEVICE: ZERO real-time translator supports voice pickup for 1-meter, powered by the leading AI voice algorithm. Translation Mode: Speak freely, the translation will be played instantly and displayed on the screen. Meeting & Interview Modes: ZERO instant voice translator separates audio inputs up to 4 different directions with integrated noise cancellation to receive audio input distinctively and accurately, being the most portable recorder
NO NEED TO CHARGE & OFFLINE TRANSLATION IN 6 LANGUAGES: ZERO instant translator supports offline translation from Chinese to six other languages including English, Japanese, French, Spanish and Russia. This lauguage translator devive is completely worry-and hassle-free even if you have no network, WIFI, or undergoing a bad network when you are travelling for pleasure or business. It is also an innovative voice translator device that works seamlessly with your mobile phone, no need to charge it
EASE OF USE & UP TO 95% ACCURACY: ZERO instant voice language translator is easy to use by plugging it into your mobile device, no need to press any buttons. This real-time language translator will automatically pick up, translate & play the language. Integrated with neural network algos,ZERO translator picks up and breaks the sentences intelligently even in a noisy environment, achieving up to 95% accuracy for daily usage in standard network condition
SUPPORT IOS & SUPER PORTABLE: ZERO instant translator supports IOS11 and above. Different from other language translators, ZERO real-time language translator is an ultra-small gadget that plugs into the charging port on your phone and works with the Timekettle APP. This translator & audio recorder is small that you can fit it into pockets, wallets, purses and bags for on-the-go users. ZERO translator can be a good companion for learning, travelling and business.

With the world's smallest quad-microphone array, ZERO instant translator can separates voice inputs up to 4 different directions, noise cancellation capabilities, improves the quality of recognition all-around and enhance the recognition accuracy up to 90%. ZERO IOS supports smartphone plug and play technology, features 1-METER voice pickup, which is a truly accessible device for daily use.

ZERO is an instant voice translator that provides two-way translation in multiple languages, covering 85% of the world's population. Timekettle Technologies collaborates with top language engine enterprises in ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), MT (Machine Translation), and TTS (Text-To-Speech). We will continue to crawl deep into every region to provide the best translation experiences for users.

ZERO IOS supports smartphone plug and play technology, powered by the leading AI voice algorithm to break language barriers. The tranlator device delivers real-time translation even in complex and challenging environments. 3 modes are built in APP that were designed for various scenarios. It is perfect for traveling, interview, business meetings, communication within multinational family and friends, and learning a language.

ZERO can record and separate the voices of up to 4 different speakers in meeting mode. This makes it easier for you to pay attention during the meeting and keep track of what’s been said afterwards. You can even export the role-based text transcription, save or send it to colleagues via email! Saving your time to take meeting minutes.

ZERO Translator supports offline translation from Chinese to six other languages including English, Japanese, French, Spanish and Russia. No matter if you are on a plane; travel without internet connection on your phone; or maybe just the network isn’t working correctly - ZERO will keep you safe and secure from all the hassles, and utilize every bit of Zero anywhere, both latitude and longitude!

Unlike other translation products or translation apps, this tramslator device has special noise cancellation capabilities with the help of 4 microphones, so ZERO can still effectively pick up what people speak when the distance between the two parties is up to feet.
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