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Q&A | Learning multiple languages, time management, my job, coping with stress
изучение языков

Q&A | Learning multiple languages, time management, my job, coping with stress

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изучение языков
Thank you all for all the cool questions on Instagram! I tried to answer as many as I could. Some highlights that you can

- when to speaking learning a language
- balancing multiple languages
- how I got into UI/UX design
- what language I'll teach my kids
- how to practice Chinese writing
- how I met my boyfriend
- and moreeee!

???? On the top left of the screen you'll see the question theme so you can easily navigate between answers.

???? Things mentioned in the video:

- Skritter app for Chinese & Japanese (10% discount applied):

- How to make time for languages (article) @lindiebotes/how-to-fit-language-learning-into-a-busy-schedule-6592d8a2a637

- How to learn Chinese (blog post)

- How to learn multiple languages video:

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Farawaydistance, Femke, Polyglot Progress, John Piper, Alisa Childers


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Welcome to my channel! My name is Lindie and I share my love for languages through my polyglot progress and language learning tips here. South African by birth, I spent most of my life in France, Pakistan, the UAE and Japan. Now I work as a UI/UX designer in Singapore. I'm a Christian and strive to shine God’s light in all I do. May this channel inspire you to reach your language goals!

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