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Q&A in French w/ subtitles (learn french fast) | American Abroad

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изучение языков
TIME STAMPS// Questions

1:29 - How I learned French?
2:37 - Why did I learn French?
3:54 - How long have you been speaking/ learning French?
4:31 - Do you plan to stay in France?
5:08 - What do you think about Parisians?
6:09 - Do you speak any other languages?
7:04 - Do you want to learn any other languages?

I am constantly getting questions from you guys about my French learning experience. How I learned, how long it took to feel comfortable with the language, what resources I used etc.
I know my French is not perfect in this video but I did try my best hehe and everyday counts as further development to the learning process.
If you guys have been considering or just started your journey with picking up a new language I hope this video gives you the motivation you need. I know it can feel discouraging at times but stick with it and I promise that with loads of practice and consistency you will get there.

bisous and see u in the next vid
;) Cec

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How old am I?

Where do I live?
Paris, France

Where am I from?
United States of America
Origin- Puerto Rican

What do I use to edit?
Final Cut Pro
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