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[Q & A] Answering 18 Questions about English-speaking Countries

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18 questions were asked to me by a few of my students through this YouTube platform. The topic of the questions was related to English-speaking countries. My students and I learned about this topic in the Odd Semester of 2020/2021 academic year. A list of the questions can be found in the previous live streaming video. I tended to do live streaming, but it seemed that the quality of the video looked blurry. Besides, it took almost 24 hours for YouTube to process my live streaming video, due to the number of subscribers is below 1000, maybe?

Well, anyhow, my friends and YouTube subscribers, in this video I explain purely my answers to the 18 questions. All of the questions are interesting and they asked sensitive issues to be talking about.

Are you interested to listen to my explanation?

It is almost an hour video, so it needs your commitment to watch.
Please share my explanation with your friends if you think that it is necessary.

The next topic of my online class will be about Communication Theory in Cross-Culture Understanding (CCU).

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