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Priya Kumar | How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills | Cambly for Kids

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изучение языков
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One world is a way of the future. The internet has broken boundaries, where sitting at home, you could be doing businesses across seven seas. The internet, technology while some may consider distraction is also a tool for an abundance of opportunities. Use it, especially to enhance the skills and future of your kids.
English is the language of the internet, the world, connecting us to people, and expanding our purpose. In this lockdown, as it continues for schools and colleges, allow your children to get some good exposure in English speaking skills. Cambly for Kids is the vest tool for that:
1. They have real tutors.
2. The tutors are qualified professionals
3. The tutors are friendly and encouraging
4. YOu can choose the English accent you want your child to get proficient in.

Get started. Language is a skill for life.

Priya Kumar is an Internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker & Author of 12 Inspirational Books that have won 41 International Awards. She has worked in the corporate world for 25 years across 47 countries with over 3 million people touched by her work. Creators of The Future is a workshop on Youtube where Priya is your personal coach and helps you stick to your goals while putting in hard work in alignment with your purpose and growth.

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