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Practice English conversation for free | Birthday party

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изучение языков
Speak English in a conversation with a native speaker in today's lesson. Today's English lesson has 3 different conversations for you to practice speaking fluent English. We are using natural English vocabulary to talk about a birthday party for our friend Rachel.

You and I will practice 3 different English conversations and you will have a chance to practice both roles in the conversation. Just like if I were teaching you English in person, we will practice the natural vocabulary and phrases, and then I will explain the phrases so that you can better understand the English conversation.

I hope you enjoy today's natural English speaking lesson. I know that it's not always easy, or possible to find a speaking partner, and if you find these types of lessons useful make sure to give the video a thumbs up. Let me know any new vocabulary that you learned in the video. I love when English learners leave me examples in the comments, and I always love to help you understand new English phrases and vocabulary.

Notice in today's English lesson, I am talking fast, and in my natural American accent. That is because I want you to practice your listening and speaking. This lesson will give you a chance to hear how native English speakers sound in a conversation. I really chose phrases that are best for spoken English as well. Some teachers will give you a written lesson, but that may sound awkward once you speak to a native speaker.

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Practice Conversation 1 1:50
Practice Conversation 2 6:38
Practice Conversation 3 12:16

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