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NiceyRig Canon R5 & R6 Cage // Channel update and 2K GIVEAWAY! #2k #Giveaway

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NiceyRig Canon R5 & R6 Cage // Channel update and 2K GIVEAWAY! #2k #Giveaway.
Time for another #Giveaway! - My channel hit 2,000 subs this week!! Blown away by this and can't believe how many of you have been watching my videos over the last few months, such a great community forming. So I wanted to give back to you guys with a giveaway.

Today I'm showing you the Canon R5/R6 cage from NiceyRig, which they kindly sent me. I'll be giving this away along with the Andycine monitor that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago (link to that video below). Huge thanks to both NiceyRig and AndyCine.

I'd love to hear from you, what content you would like to see on my channel moving forward? Are you a photographer or filmmaker? What sort of subjects do you shoot? What would benefit you most. I'm keen to help people get better and this is all part of it.

Rules for Giveaway Entry:-

1. Subscribe to Channel
2. Like and Comment on the video telling me which prize you would like and why
3. Follow me on Instagram
4. Like, comment and share my instagram post about this giveaway and tag a friend or 3!

Bonus points for doing all of the above! Winner will be announced in next 2 weeks.

Andycine Video -

NiceyRig Website -

△ NiceyRig R5 and R6 Cage -
△ NiceyRig Top Handle -
△SmallRig R5 and R6 Cage -
△SmallRig Top Handle -
△ Artlist - (Get 2 months extra free through my link)
△ Artgrid - (Get 2 months extra free through my link)
△ Epidemic Sound -
△Tube Buddy -
Equipment talked about/used in this video:

△ Sony A7SIII -
△ CF EXPRESS Type A cards (USA) -
△ CF EXPRESS Type A cards (UK/EU) -
△ CF EXPRESS Type A card reader (UK/EU) -
△ SD UHSII v90 - Prograde 64gb -
△ SD UHSII v90 - Sony Tough 128gb -

△ Canon R5 USA -
△ Canon R5 UK -
△ RF 16-35mm Lens -
△ EF 24-70mm L MKII -
△ RF to EF adapter (with control ring) -
△ RF to EF adapter (lower cost one) -

CF Express and SD Cards (recommended for R5):

△ CF Express Sandisk 512GB (lower size doesn’t work) -
△ CF Express Sony Tough (256gb) -
△ SD UHSII - Prograde 64gb -
△ SD UHSII - Sony Tough 128gb -
0:00 - Intro
0:24 - Channel Update
1:42 - Giveaway Prices Discussed
4:25 - Preview of NiceyRig R5/R6 Cage and Top Handle
6:54 - Giveaway Rules Explained
10:04 - Checking out R5 in NiceyRig cage
14:42 - Huge Thanks
15:12 - New channel segment discussed
16:03 - End
Link to a couple of Sony A7SIII RAW files:-

MY 2020 YOUTUBE FILMING GEAR (It's changing constantly, but this is what I have been using)

△ Main Camera (Sony A7SIII) -
△ Vlog Lens:
△ B-Roll Lens:
△ Shotgun Mic:
△ Wireless Mic:
△ Action Camera -
△ Travel Tripod:
△ Gimbal:
△ Drone:
△ Studio Lights:
△ Accent Lights:
△ Camera Backpack:
△ Camera Tech Pouch:
△ 4k Monitor/recorder:

△ Business Inquiries use my contact form at:
△ Instagram: or

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