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Netflix for Language Learning - How to See MORE Material in Target Language!
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Netflix for Language Learning - How to See MORE Material in Target Language!

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изучение языков
Netflix may have a lot of material in your target language but very often it won't SHOW you that language as an option so in today's video, I show you a trick I stumbled across to get Netflix to DEFAULT to your language for both AUDIO and SUBTITLES and to actually give you the option to watch things in your TARGET LANGUAGE.
This way you can see MORE MATERIAL in the language you want to learn on Netflix.

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Wow, you actually made it to the end of the description. Where even is this?
This video doesn't just describe the standard technique of using a VPN to get Netflix to show you things in other countries. In fact, there is a lot more material that I want to watch here in Australia than in the country of my target language. The problem is, getting Netflix to SHOW me that material. I have finally found the answer to the Netflix language learning paradox.
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