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Master the American Accent: Vowel Syncope (aka, Words You're Saying Wrong!)

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American English loves to meddle with the vowels! Vowels can be reduced, they can have multiple pronunciations, and they can be combined with other sounds. In the case of vowel syncope, the vowels are deleted completely! (Poor vowels!)

Vowel syncope is when a sound or syllable is deleted from the pronunciation of a word, and it happens often in American English. The spelling of the word will show that another syllable should be there, but it's not pronounced. Unfortunately, dictionaries don't always show you the vowel syncope pronunciation, even if it's the one that most native speakers will use!

Learn the most common pronunciations of "chocolate", "favorite", "interested", "difference", and "separate" - all of which contain vowel syncope in their pronunciations!

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