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Learning a Language "from Scratch" | Nora McNamara on Learning Under-Resourced Languages

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In this video, I'm talking with Nora McNamara, a language coach and expert working with linguists who are learners of small, minority, and indigenous languages. She, herself, has done fieldwork in West Africa and held a number of positions involving language learning. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of language and linguistics. She currently works for SIL International, a nonprofit dedicated to language description and development while pursuing graduate studies in Second Language Acquisition at Indiana University. She talks to us today about how to learn a language 'from scratch', essentially how to learn a language when there are little or no (written) resources. The same techniques apply to more often studied languages as well. Using the Growth Participatory Approach (GPA) method developed by psycholinguist Greg Thomas (a kind of comprehensible-input methodology developed especially for fieldworkers and international development consultants), Nora encourages us to approach language learning as a way of forming relationships and joining other cultural communities around the world.

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