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Learn The "Secret" Informal English Contractions

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Informal contractions, what are they? And why should you care about them?
Hey! I'm Ryan, and today I'm talking about why you should care about the "secret" informal English contractions and how you can use them to help spice up your English, improve your fluency, and sound more natural! Most likely you won't find these in textbooks, but you might see them written in text messages, social media, or hear them in music and movies. Interested in learning more? Let's dive into it! Check down here for more good stuff ????????????

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0:26 - Introduction to contractions
1:27 - Gonna (Going + to)
2:23 - Wader & Waddo you (Wad + er)
4:50 - Gotta (Got + to)
5:20 - Sorta & Kinda (Kind + of) (Sort + of)
6:27 - Wanna (Want + to)
7:17 - Coulda , Shoulda, Woulda (Could + have) (Should + have) (Would + have)
8:25 - Imma (I'm + gonna) (I + am + going + to)

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