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Learn Russian with Movies / Slow Russian with Russian and English Subtitles / Ёлки
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Learn Russian with Movies / Slow Russian with Russian and English Subtitles / Ёлки

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изучение языков
Learn Russian with movies! This lesson comes in slow Russian with Russian and English subtitles. Download the free transcript (RU + ENG) for this movie clip in PDF:

The original movie is owned by Timur Bekmambetov.

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Can you believe it´s already December? I don´t know about you but I absolutely love this time of the year and the only thing I want to do in December is stay in bed and watch Christmas movies. So let´s leave grammar explanations and pronunciation lessons for next year and dedicate the whole month of December to learning Russian with movies, and not just any movies but Christmas movies!
In the next four weeks together we´ll watch four clips from Christmas movies. Today we´ll be watching a clip from a famous Russian comedy called Ёлки (Christmas Trees) from 2010. The movie takes place in 11 different cities in Russia and the story happens on New Year´s Eve. The movie is hilarious and you´ll learn lots of conversational Russian phrases and slang words from it.
You’ll watch the clip three times. First, with Russian subtitles, then I´ll read each phrase in slow Russian and help you translate it into English. Finally, you’ll watch the clip again without subtitles and by then you should be able to understand most of what is said in the movie.
Leave a comment below with your recommendations on which movie I should use next for my series Learn Russian through Movies. Let’s go!

Learn Russian with Movies / Slow Russian with Russian and English Subtitles / Ёлки

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1) This video has no negative impact on the original work (It´s actually promoting the original movie);
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3) It is not transformative in nature.

Boost Your Russian does not own the rights to the movie clip. It has, in accordance with fair use, been repurposed with the intent of educating and inspiring others. The original movie was filmed by Timur Bekmambetov.
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