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IELTS Speaking Band 7.5 India: with Subtitles and Feedback
изучение языков

IELTS Speaking Band 7.5 India: with Subtitles and Feedback

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изучение языков
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This is the IELTS Speaking test with Shakun from India whom I would give a for this test. Keep watching, to listen to the feedback and find out why she just missed out on a band 8. Also you can hear some tips and advice, and a little bit from Shakun about her journey with IELTS.


Topics covered in this video:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:22 Part 1
00:04:32 Feedback
00:06:57 Part 2
00:10:00 Part 3
00:15:03 Final Feedback and advice
00:18:12 Student tips


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Hope this helps you prepare for your test.

Good luck!


This is a mock IELTS Speaking test. The result shown is my own personal opinion. The mock test, questions and result have no endorsement from the official IELTS organisations.
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