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How to Pronounce Akron, Ohio? (CORRECTLY)

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Listen how to say Akron correctly (city in Ohio, United States) with Julien, "how do you pronounce" free pronunciation audio/video tutorials.

What and where is Akron? Word meaning, dictionary definition, explanation, information.
Akron City in Ohio
Akron is a city in Ohio. It’s home to Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, with a Tudor Revival manor house, a conservatory and landscaped grounds. The Akron Art Museum displays modern pieces, including pop art and photos, in an 1899 building with a dramatic glass and steel addition. To the north, Hale Farm and Village offers a glimpse of life in the 19th century, with 32 restored buildings, plus gardens and farm animals.
Weather: 14°C, Wind SW at 19 km/h, 58% Humidity
Population: 198,006 (2018)
ZIP code: 44301-44321, 44325, 44326, 44328, 44333, 44334, 44372, 44396, 44398
Mayor: Daniel Horrigan
Local time: Wednesday 03:05
Area code: Area code 330
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Colleges and Universities: The University of Akron, MORE
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