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How I speak 4 languages fluently: my tips and advice
изучение языков

How I speak 4 languages fluently: my tips and advice

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изучение языков
In this video I gonna share my story of how I learned 3 foreign languages and give you my tips and advice for reaching the fluency in a foreign language. I'm a native Russian speaker and can freely speak Chinese, English and French. I want to show you what you should follow to learn a new language faster, how to overcome a language barrier and how not to forget what you've learned. Hope my experience will help you ????

00:00 Intro
1:06 Three principles in a learning the foreign language faster
3:44 Fourth additional principle: teaching
6:39 language immersion approach
8:49 practising with native speakers
11:00 audio repeating technique
12:30 my personal experience

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