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????HD BINAURAL MALE ASMR???? Whisper Ramble & Magic 8Ball Tapping & sloshing / British Accent ASMR

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Magic 8-ball (magic eight ball) ASMR and ASMR Male Whisper Ramble for relaxing, comfort, love and sleeping. Repeating words & close up whispering video.

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I accept tips, and they would be greatly appreciated:

In this whisper ramble I bring you my english accent male ASMR, and want to make you feel like you're having a chat with an ASMR male friend. I speak about a ton of it's a whispered ramble so anything we're friends so we can just chat about anything.

Here’s the CAMERAS I use:
(Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K)
(Sony A7s)
(Samsung S8)

Here’s the MICROPHONES I use:
(Closest thing still available - I use Roland R-26)
(Roland Smart Lav)

Here’s the storage I use:
(Cfast for Blackmagic)
(Cfast for Blackmagic)
(SD for Roland R-26 and Sony A7s)
(Seagate External 1TB HD)

ASMR is an almost indescribable sensation that is triggered by different things for different people. Many people describe the feeling as a tingle or a fizzing sensation in their brain or in their head. The official name for the phenomenon is Autonomous sensory meridian response - sounds fancy eh?

Have you ever wondered: Why is having your hair cut so relaxing? Why do I get shivers when someone whispers in my ear? Why does having my eyes tested make me feel so tingly and weird?

ASMR is the feeling of overwhelming relaxation and tingles that you’re struggling to pinpoint or describe to your friends and family.

The ASMR Beard channel is here as my hub for my ASMR world. I watch a lot of videos and have around 10 favourite ASMRtists that I listen to almost every single day and every night to help me relax and to sleep.

I create content (some videos and some audio only) to make you feel better, to put your mind at ease, to help you sleep and to let you know that you’ve always got a friend, no matter what.

I am a UK male ASMRtist and I love to make whisper rambles and friendly videos to help you however I can - through tingles or through just knowing there’s someone out there to talk you to sleep.

I normally upload black screen ASMR videos so that the light from your phone screen doesn't keep you awake and the videos to help you sleep don't do the opposite.

I love the ASMR community, it's done a lot for me, and I want to give back to you guys as much as possible so if you have any ASMR video requests that you think would work for an English Accent ASMR Guy then drop it in the comments.

I record everything in binaural and with a high audio quality to capture the more tingles possible - I am going to make the occasional lo-fi phone ASMR video too though just to keep things interesting.

I really hope you stick around and we can build something special together :)

Adam x
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