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For Black Preppers: Should We Learn Multiple Languages

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изучение языков
What's up Preppers,

In this video, my goal is to generate some thought and discussion around learning new languages and how they could be an asset for long distance relocation or bugout. Prepper experiences in other countries is what lead me to make this video. There's a Prepper that I believe is in the US now from Venezuela his biggest regret was that he didn't leave sooner. If he didn't speak English at all that transition may not have been possible.

Language Learning Tools
1. Duolingo
2. Utalk
3. Drops
4. Memrise (photo to translation)
5. Tandem (peer to peer)
7. Italki (paid Tudor)
8. Pod101
9. Mango languages

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Thank you,
Invisible Prepper

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