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изучение языков
Here is the link to Dan's original video:

Thanks for a great video @Dan Sheekoz

Your English is probably much better than you think. I've noticed many people who are learning English do not give themselves enough credit for being good. In this video, I hope to show English learners that you're better than you think.

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the okay i i did not i was not able to read all that that was a little bit too quick for me i did see um one of the things that he calls his viewers um is adorables and i love that adorables so sometimes when people are speaking english it's not their native language they will invent new terms and i just think it's so cool so i really love hearing people speak with a foreign accent so again never lose that accent i try to say that in many videos

looks like he's mostly thanking people from you guys it's your gift

i mean come on tell me russians don't smile come on the postman have come with cars they

our home they um

i don't i i forget all worlds guys

okay so i mean he's obviously very excited and i'm if he was able to speak in russian on camera for all of us to know he could express what he's saying but what i gathered was the postman came with a card and from that this happens in the united states sometimes too when you have a large package they won't drop the package off at your house they might give you a card first and then maybe you have to go to the post office and pick it up which is pretty complicated to say in english but from that little bit i'm i'm gonna guess that's what he that's what he said so again if we were in the same room dan and i i could just ask him a question like oh you mean they dropped a card off so he's having a much tougher time communicating because he can't get feedback from the speaker but i think that's what he meant so big um

okay i believe that was russian i don't think that was uh english if it was i didn't understand any i think it was russian

hang on what is she doing here yeah please susie if you if you ever watch this please from from cut away cut away if that slips oh look at it's so close to your baby bump you might accidentally pierce the baby bump we don't want that don't cut towards you cut away towards bad away there's some prepositions for you

prepositions at least we're not cutting towards the baby bump suzy excited susie is excited

we learn new world excited we are excited you know we learn it oh thanks for you you wrote it in comment section and we will use it and see that he he is a great english learner because he's looking at the comments he's trying to incorporate or use some of the english he's learning he's a really good english dude he doesn't give himself enough credit and then i don't know if you noticed suzy said it's like christmas comes and we will often use that here in the united states so many americans will celebrate christmas and usually on christmas morning people are happy so well done there wow

knows from who this package she knows

so so when he says uh susie from who knows this pat i think you know there was a prepositional phrase in there from who it's out of order it does not affect the meaning at all i think anyone who's a native english speaker knew exactly what he meant and it's fine it's fine it's kind of cool a little different so cute a gift for you
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