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ee i Vowels - Do THIS for BRITISH Accent (LESS than 60 seconds)

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ee i English do THIS to tell the difference


The ee i vowel sounds in English are almost identical.

In this tutorial I show you the 3 things you need to know to quickly and easily learn the difference between the ee i vowels.

The 3 differences are:

1. Vowel Length:
- ee is a long English vowel (Watch this to learn Long English Vowel Sounds: ).
- 'i' is a short English vowel

2. Vowel Height:
- 'ee' is very closed. Your jaw should be so closed, that there should be space for less than 1 finger in-between your teeth.
- 'i' is slightly more open. There should be space for 1 finger in between your teeth.

3. Vowel Backness
- 'ee' comes from the front of your mouth. This means that the highest bit of your tongue is at the front of your mouth when you make the ee vowel.
- 'i' comes from slightly further back in the mouth.

Do these 3 things to clearly pronounce the difference between the ee i vowels.


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