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E-learning and Hope During COVID -19

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Sheetu Khanna shares Elearning- A ray of hope during covid-19. The presenter gives an Explanation of elearning with teaching learning and evaluation modes as well as platforms for different levels.

❣️❣️ Connecting Online (CO) for instruction and learning is a free 3-day online conference that has been taking place on the first full weekend of February since 2009. This is the 12th annual connecting online event February 19-21 on Moodle for Teachers free online professional development platform Click on the following link to get the titles, descriptions, and to join the live online meetings and learn about the presenters

The platform for the tutorials, webinars, discussions, badges, and certificates is at the CO21 conference area Guests can access the webinars without having to enrol CO21. However, access to the recordings, badges, and certificates will only be available to participants who get an account on Moodle for Teachers platform.

To get an account on Moodle for Teachers , please watch this very short video:
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