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Common Medical Terms: English to Malay Lessons 2-4 (Part 2) 常用医学术语:英语到马来语第2-4课(第2部分)

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0:00 Welcome!
00:38 Part 2: Contents
00:48 Lesson 2: Organs and Body Parts in the Trunk
03:23 Lesson 3: Extremities
06:37 Lesson 4: Urinary and Reproductive Organs

When I was working as a pharmacist in the National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS) 20 years ago, with the help and support from my boss and the HR department, I proactively conducted the first medical mandarin course for paramedics and we had fun! Here is part 2 on the common medical terms: English to Malay (Lessons 2 to 4), that has been compiled recently by my friends in the National University Hospital (NUH). I will be doing other lessons and in other languages and dialects in the future videos. I hope you will learn something here and apply them in your practice. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comment and I will try my best to address them. Remember, love your patients and speak their language! Please come back and subscribe my channel. Thanks for your support. Please check back my channel for any future lessons!

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