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Boeing Starliner Drama, Rivian's Amazon Delivery Truck, and Nobel Prizes Announced - Ep 105

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Joe, Tim, and Ben talk about Amazon's new electric delivery van, a bunch of dramatic changes for Boeing Starliner, and Nobel Prizes being announced.

Read more from the articles we referenced:

Chris Furgeson will not command Starliner CFT-1 -

New Russian Amur rocket -

Nobel Prize announcements:

Amazon Electric Delivery made by Rivian -

Rivian/Amazon Unveil -
Seen a diff version of this already -
Modec Electric Van - The First Electric Van -

Model Y in Europe Getting New Batteries

The Falcon 9 is getting ripped off. A lot. -

RapVac survives its first test -

Starlink used for first responders and will be ready for beta in a few months and beautiful latest launch -

Starship and Super Heavy updates -

Tesla Dissolves PR Team -

Why Don't They Just by @endigo -

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