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Best Programming Languages for Robotics, Self Driving Cars, Quantum Computing & AI in 2021

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What are the best programming languages to learn in 2021 if you want to work with cutting-edge technology like quantum computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, self driving cars, and even flying cars?

0:00 Let's code in 2021!
0:30 Go
2:06 C#
4:07 C++
5:50 Python
6:56 Quantum Computing Libraries and Languages

1. Golang

It’s described as a mix of C, Java, Python, but especially known for making it easy to build fast and efficient software. It’s a compiled language, so it has the runtime efficiency of C++, but it’s easy to read, so it feels more like an interpreted language like python.

Why does this speed matter?

We are reaching hardware limitations of Moore’s law, which states that number of transistors per silicon chip doubles every year. And as the amount of data we processes increases too, writing performant software becomes more and more important.

Research has also found that for every second it takes for your site to load; your revenue can be reduced by 7%. So, speed is important!

In addition to Google, companies that use Go include Netflix, Twitch, Uber, and Dropbox, and Docker and Kubernetes were built with it.

My other video on Golang:

Tour of Go:

The Go Programming Language Book:

Go By Example:

Udemy course Learn How to Code: Google's Go (Golang) Programming Language:

Building Web Applications with Golang:

2. C#

One super fun thing you can do with C sharp is program games and work with Virtual and augmented reality.

If you want to learn Unity, you should really check out my friend Dilmer’s Youtube Channel.

He makes amazing video tutorials on C# and Unity, creating games, and he actually created a company from these games, so shares all that startup expertise too.

Dilmer Valecillos Channel:

University of London Virtual Reality Specialization on Coursera:

Google cardboard:

3. C++

Robots. need I say more?

Self driving Cars Specialization Coursera:

Robotics Specialization:

4. Python

Good old python. It seems like basically any technology you can just write, import anti-gravity or import teleportation and python will just do it for you.

And it's a great beginner programming language.

My favorite resources for learning Python are:

Python for Everybody Specialization on Coursera by Dr. Chuck:

Learn Python The Hard Way:

FreeCodeCamp Python YouTube Video:

5. Quantum computing frameworks

There are tons of quantum Computing Frameworks right now and even all new Quantum Computing programming languages.

There are Python-based frameworks:

Qiskit -
Cirq -
Dwave Leap -
Tensorflow Quantum -
Fields -

Now there are also standalone languages:
Q# -
OpenQASM -
And there’s Silq -

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