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ASMR Tingledom Community Updates, Announcements, and Previews
изучение языков

ASMR Tingledom Community Updates, Announcements, and Previews

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изучение языков
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0:00 Join the Tingledom Discord
0:41 Intro
1:51 Holiday Treats Callout
4:44 Personalised Holiday Greetings
6:29 Update on Edwina Mortensen Series
8:22 New Channels
12:14 Preview of Content

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Welcome to Tingledom, a place where you can be immersed in comfort, and transported to a world of magic, relaxation, and luxury. The specific focus of this channel is menu readings, fashion, maps, and a little bit of everything. We are a community in Tingledom, and we want you to be a part of it.

Tingledom is a magical place where everything gives you tingles. It's a quiet little island, and most of our videos come from Tingledom proper, the city in Tingledom, which centers around Tingledom Castle, and which is ruled by Queen flyby. .

The map you see at the intro to this video shows a part of Tingledom. Roads have been named for important figures in Tingledom's history. Perhaps you would like to be an important part of Tingledom?

To become a bigger part of Tingledom: (Our goal is 400 patrons by the end of 2021!)
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