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ASMR | Tarot Card Reading For You ????❤️ (Personal Attention, Whispering, Tapping, Page turning)

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Hey family,

Welcome back to our safe space ❤️
Tonight I thought we could do a cozy little tarot card reading together ????
I hope you like it. ????

Love you so much!!


Pssstt, if you're new to this channel ~

Hi! ???? Welcome ???? Please feel invited to tell me a bit about yourself in the comments, I love more than anything being able to get to know you guys, so don't be a stranger. This is a safe, inclusive space - and if you are a human being of any kind, know that you are welcome & valued here as an equal. ❤️️


Also, if you would like to support me & this channel ~ I recently made a patreon (). There are different tiers with fun stuff going on so please check it out if you have the time, I would be sooooo so grateful ❤️️ ????

HUGE thank you to Michelle, Red Velvet Kitty, Samuel, Connor, Hot Wings, Taylor, Aaron, Hutch, Umba Kalumba, Alyssa, Dani, Kate, Ryan, The Red Wolf, Chey, Henry, Atlas ASMR, Jello, Nik, Rob, Sandra, Savi, Hamad & No Self for joining our cozy little community already and showing such insane kindness and support ???? I am so immensely grateful beyond words and it absolutely melts me. (Oh, and of course Tippy Tappy ASMR, Emily, the big bro & Langsi ????????)


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