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American accent {0% 10% 15%} #short
изучение языков

American accent {0% 10% 15%} #short

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изучение языков
American accent {0% 10% 15%} #short.

Mental English fitness {0% 10% 15%}: American accent #short.

The additional video to the previous videos for adults. You can able to train your brain by English numbers mind cards and count up.

Let's count out loud by using such psychological processes as articulation, visualization and audition. Really it's boost your brain in spite of who you are and how old are you. British & American accents.

Mental health fitness is a great mental fitness exercises for different ages by using English counting.

The fitness of mental English is a very close to the algorithms for acquiring any native language. The first stage is listening. The second one is pronounced aloud. The third stage is recapping. You are able to train your brain by using different channels (auditory, visual, speech motor) and activation of all mental processes. It's the best listerning practice.
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