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Ali-App Learn To Code And Speak Languages Free Offline

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изучение языков

The Ali app changes programming from writing to graphical interface for learning to code a programming language like Java alongside learning a human language like German????

The Ali app has been created with thorough research to bring to you the best learning experience while learning programming and natural languages using the Ali app????

The Ali app summarizes the fundamental concepts of programming languages with fun bite sized problems for human languages to allow you to learn both human and computer languages at the same time. ????

Build a course for a programming and a human language! ????

250+ problems to solve and 2000+ questions to answer for Java????

Learn basic words and grammar for German along with Java????

Python, C++, Swift and Kotlin along with dozens of languages coming soon????

Completely FREE! ????

No Ads! ????

Can be used completely OFFLINE! ????

With the Ali app, we enable you learn the actual syntax needed to code on your computer alongside the concepts needed to understand the basics of programming. Our hundreds of in-built problems to solve will allow you to learn concepts, syntax, wordings and fundamentals of programming. ????


Our interactive playgrounds for Programming concepts like variables, arrays, methods, loops, if-else conditions allow you to practice and learn to code without even writing a single line of code. ????

Fundamental concepts like variables, arrays, methods, loops, if-else conditions are taught as easily and simply as possible while still maintain a good level of complexity for use in real environments.

There are more than 300+ in-built problems in the Ali-app which guide you to the end while teaching you in a fun and innovative way. You will definitely enjoy it????


In the Ali-app you can answer more than 2500+ questions to quickly and effectively learn the actual words needed to code in a computer????


Daily-life graphics, pictures and environments are used to teach concepts in a fun and quick way????


Ali-app was uniquely created in a way to allow you to learn without an internet connection. So if you are traveling by bus in Germany or waiting for a morning tea at a highway restaurant in Pakistan, you can still enjoy and learn with Ali ????

Please use the Ali-app and leave us a positive review. Thanks in advance ????
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