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Advanced English Listening Practice - Australian Accent | Moments with KT

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изучение языков
I have quite a challenging video today, so if you're up for a bit of a challenge*, then I suggest you watch today's video! ????

In my listening practice videos, I focus on listening to the Australian accent, so press that subscribe button if you would like some more practice understanding the Aussie accent!

Listening practice series:

As always, captions (subtitles) are available for this video, so please turn them on if you need to.

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* 'up for something' (phrasal verb): This phrasal verb has a few different meanings. Here, I am using it informally to mean 'to be willing to do something'.

0:00 - Advanced English Listening Practice
5:23 - #1
6:32 - #2
7:11 - #3
7:53 - #4
8:50 - #5
9:14 - #6
10:00 - #7
10:52 - #8


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0:13 Dynamite - Patrick Patrikios
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